Customers want to shop when and where they want. Serve First’s E-Commerce payment gateways integrate with shopping cart applications used on a merchant's web site to authorize and settle card payment transactions. The key when constructing an E-Commerce web site is to match the shopping cart, payment gateway and card processing network. These three elements work together. For more on developer API info as well as information on card holder authentication products.

Developer API

A payment API for application developers and system integrators with either a business-to-consumer (B2C) or a business-to-business (B2B) customer focus

  • Differentiate your payment acceptance options with our Level 1, 2 and 3 payments API.
  • Select a payments API that can process both consumer and commercial cards at the very lowest rates available.

API highlights

  • Process credit card and e-check/ACH transactions
  • Process both consumer and commercial card payments at lowest possible costs
  • Submit line item detail to qualify for incentive Level 3 data rates
  • Store customer profiles
  • Process recurring payments
  • Email receipts
  • Email invoices with payment links
  • Operating system and platform independent
  • Detailed API integration guide avaialbe
  • Integrations samples available C++, PHP,VB, ASP VB, NET, ColdFusion, and Java
  • Free Test account available

In addition to card payment processing; our gateway is feature rich, supporting customer profile and card data storage, invoicing, secure checkout, recurring billing, ACH, gift card and more. The API and development kit is free and integration support is provided to you at no cost. We can provide sample code based on your programming language, demo accounts for testing and responsive technical assistance. Of course, adding Level 3 capability for your clients accepting commercial cards differentiates your solution and more importantly lowers their overall bottom-line processing expenses. By implementing our API you can help your clients identify commercial card transactions capable of Level 3 Interchange then prompt for additional information, significantly reducing excessive data entry. In addition, our solution can be set to automatically populate data for Level 3 transactions, further maximizing system efficiency.

Card Holder Authentication for Shopping Carts eCommerce continues to grow at over 30% per year. Along with this rapid expansion, there has been a continued growth in Internet fraud and consumer concerns about security. In response to this trend numerous new tools for authentication and secure alternative payment methods have arisen quickly. These solutions, such as Verified by Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode help merchants and banks lower processing cost, improve security and convert more browsers into buyers. However, implementation challenges limit the market adoption of these solutions. Merchants are faced with the complexity of implementing numerous payment types while keeping them up to date. This adds additional challenges to merchants due to the possible high costs involved in adopting the new solutions.

SFS has partnered with CardinalCommerce to developed the industry leading solution for merchants, shopping carts, gateways, acquiring banks, processors and issuing banks to make it easy to implement the payment authentication initiatives (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) to gain the benefits of consumer authentication, lower fees, guaranteed payment and ultimately reduced fraud. We provide the only hosted solution where one, simple integration to our platform provides access to all the authentication and payment brands for ecommerce and mobile commerce.